against inequality.

against corruption.

against regulatory capture.

against disenfranchisement.

against inscrutable systems.

We are Hack, a software consultancy that builds distributed trustless systems using free and open source software.

We are eager to bring our proven experience with the Web, EVM (Solidity) and CosmWasm (Rust) software platforms to a new generation of ethical software products.

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Explore our client portfolio → is the home of:

Fadroma — a full-stack framework for describing, developing, and deploying decentralized applications and services;

Ensuite — a lightweight testing and specification framework based on gradual elaboration through literate programming;

Toolbox — a collection of four-letter micro-libraries for ECMAScript-compatible platforms.

As you read this, top-down centralization is destroying the world.

Computers, the Internet, and mass interactive media — the same advancements that were poised to bring about an age of enlightenment and empowerment — have become tools for surgically precise systemic oppression.

Global society's ability to solve large-scale problems through open communication and collectively coordinated action is being rapidly eroded by a handful of institutional actors whose goals are inimical to human flourishing.

Distributed ledgers brought hope for global economic self-organization beyond the reach of malevolent intermediaries. Almost immediately, the "blockchain" label was co‑opted by a new generation of financial predators.

But the underlying technologies for enabling the censorship-resistant exchange of value and ideas, and our commitment to helping you build transparent, inclusive, and demonstrably fair enterprises, are indestructible.

We're in the business of helping you take back your power, and it's time for you to make the first step. Get in touch now to discuss how our expertise can help you save the independent Internet.